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(_.__) AIKEN R01 R04 R06 AIKAIKEQU DRF AIKENQuick  AIK09/06_DELTrack Times Today AIK
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(2.50) SAM HOUSTON R05 R06 R07 HOUHOUScr
YoungstownQuick  MVR09/05_DELcovers MVR
(1.09) PARX-PHA R01 R02 R03 R04 R05 R06 R08 PRXPRXScr
PHA-AIR-NEQuick  PRX07/07_ELPpaceandcap PRX
(1.81) SUNLAND PARK R05 R06 R07 R08 SUNSUNScr
SunlandParkQuick  SUN07/07_BHPPostTime SUN
(2.33) TURFWAY PARK R01 R02 R03 R04 R07 R08 TPTPScr
(1.11) TURF PARADISE R02 R03 R04 R05 R07 R08 TUP TUP Scr
PHOENIX Quick   TUP 07/06 ELP equinometrics  TUP

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-08%  C.Gonzalez-3%  C.Keiser
-07%  D.Dilodovico-12%  V.Carrasco
-20%  Dylan Smith-24%  TaylorRice
-02%  K.Magee-26%  AlexCastillo
-15%  BobBaffert-26%  MariaRemedio
-18%  Jamie Ness-26%  MariaRemedio
-12%  ToddPletcher-18%  ForestBoyce
-10%  KMcLaughlin-21%  Napravnik
-19%  W.Catalano-23%  Emma-JaneWilson
-26%  TrevorMcCarty-23%  Emma-JaneWilson
-18%  TimKeefe-28%  KristinaMcmanigell
-18%  DaleRomans-26%  RHomeisterJR
-21%  KevinMcPeek-25%  JacDavis
-21%  DougO'Neill-36%  M.Fadlovich
-22%  MarkHennig-21%  NatashaCoddington
-23%  LindaRice-34%  TammiPiermarini
-31%  EionHarty-36%  A.Tamburello

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Index= 25 Title=ncaa football Last Completed Season 2011 A college football national championship in the highest level of collegiate play in the United States, currently the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), is a designation awarded annually by various third-party organizations to their selection(s) of the best college football team(s). Division I FBS (formerly Division I-A) football is the only NCAA sport in which a yearly champion is not determined by an NCAA sanctioned championship event. Because the championship team is not determined by an NCAA championship or tournament event, it is sometimes unofficially referred to as a "mythical national championship".[1][2][3][4] Since the NCAA, the sport's governing body, does not determine or declare a national champion in this field, determination of such has often engendered controversy.[5] A championship team is independently declared by various individuals and organizations, often referred to as "selectors".[6][7] These choices are sometimes at odds with each other.[5] While the NCAA has never officially endorsed an annual championship team, it has documented the choices of several selectors in the official NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision Records.[8] In addition, various third party analysts have independently published their own lists of what they have determined to be the most legitimate selections for each season. These are also often at odds with each other as well as individual school's claims on national championships, which, for any particul ar season, may or may not correlate to the selections published elsewhere. Currently, two widely recognized national champions selectors are the Associated Press, which conducts a poll of football sportswriters, and the USA Today Coaches' Poll, a poll of American Football Coaches Association active coaches that is contractually obligated to name the winner of the Bowl Championship Series championship game as its national champion. Search within espn.go.com NCAA Football > Home All Times Eastern; Check Local Listings: Thursday, August 30; 7:00 p.m. [ESPN3.com] Central Florida at Akron 7:00 p.m. [ESPN3.com] Eastern Michigan at Ball State ncaafootball.com - Cached NCAA College Football News, Videos, Scores, Polls, Standings ... Live NCAA football scores, college football team news, NCAA FB videos, rumors, updated stats, team schedules, polls, bowl coverage, football recruiting ... msn.foxsports.com/collegefootball - Cached More results from msn.foxsports.com » College Football on Rivals.com - NCAA Football, NCAAF News ... Complete College Football news, scores, standings ... Should former coaches like Bobby Bowden be part of picking teams for a playoff? rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/football - Cached Football FBS - NCAA.com Get complete college football information at NCAA.com. NCAA football coverage including the FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision). www.ncaa.com/sports/football - Cached More results from ncaa.com » NCAA Football – Football Video Game | EA SPORTS You can search our knowledge base for help with your games. www.easports.com/ncaa-football - Cached NCAA Football news, scores, rankings - College Football - SI.com Find NCAA football breaking news, scores, stats, rankings, polls, truth and rumors and college football analysis from Sports Illustrated at SI.com. sportsillustrated.cnn.com/football/ncaa - Cached More results from sportsillustrated.cnn.com » NCAA College Football - CBSSports.com News, Scores, Stats ... College football coverage year-round at CBSSports.com. Stay up to date with the latest in college football recruiting news. Make CBSSports.com is your college ... www.cbssports.com/collegefootball - Cached More results from cbssports.com » Football Division III - NCAA.com From a tiny high school to playing Division III college football, Alex Tanney knew his shot at reaching the NFL was long. But thanks to a Youtube video that went ... www.ncaa.com/sports/football/d3 - Cached NCAA Football - Sporting News Power of perspective. Having a son with a rare neurological disorder has given Penn State coach Bill O'Brien and his wife, Colleen, the ability to handle the ... aol.sportingnews.com/ncaa-football - Cached The concept of a national championship in college football dates to the early years of the sport in late 19th century,[9] and the earliest contemporaneous polls can be traced to Caspar Whitney, Charles Patterson, and The Sun in 1901.[10] Therefore, the concept of polls and national champions predated mathematical ranking systems, but it was Frank Dickinson's math system that was one of the first to be widely popularized. His system named 10–0 Stanford the national champion of 1926, prior to their tie with Alabama in the Rose Bowl. A curious Knute Rockne, then coach of Notre Dame, had Dickinson backdate two seasons, which produced Notre Dame as the 1924 national champion and Dartmouth in 1925. A number of other mathematical systems were born in the 1920s and 1930s and were the only organized methods selecting national champions until the Associated Press began polling sportswriters in 1936 to obtain rankings. Alan J. Gould, the creator of the AP Poll, named Minnesota, Princeton, and SMU tri-champions in 1935, and polled writers the following year, which resulted in a national championship for Minnesota. The AP's main competition, United Press, created the first poll of coaches in 1950. For that year and the next three, the AP and UP agreed on the national champion. The first "split" championship occurred in 1954, when the writers selected Ohio State and the coaches chose UCLA. The polls also disagreed in 1957, 1965, 1970, 1973, 1974, and 1978, the latter of which was followed by eleven years of agreement. The Coaches' Poll would stay with United Press (UP) when they merged with International News Service (INS) to form United Press International (UPI) but was acquired by USA Today and CNN in 1991. T he poll was in the hands of ESPN from 1997 to 2005 before moving to its present sole ownership by USA Today. Though some of the math systems selected champions after the bowl games, both of the major polls released their rankings after the end of the regular season until the AP polled writers after the bowls in 1965, resulting in what was perceived at the time as a better championship selection (Alabama) than UPI's (Michigan State). After 1965, the AP voted before the bowls for two years, permanently returning to a post-bowl vote in 1968. The coaches did not vote after the bowls until 1974, in the wake of awarding their 1973 championship to Alabama, who lost to the AP champion, undefeated Notre Dame, in the Sugar Bowl. The AP and Coaches' polls remain the major rankings to this day, alongside the Bowl Championship Series, considered the modern math giant. The BCS was the successor of the Bowl Alliance (1995–1997), which was itself the successor of the Bowl Coalition (1992–1994). Besides the many adjustments it undergoes each season, including a large overhaul following the 2004 season that included the replacement of the AP Poll with the Harris poll, the BCS has remained a mixture of math and polls since its inception in 1998, with the goal of matching the best two teams in the nation in a national championship bowl game which rotated yearly between the Sugar, Fiesta, Rose, and Orange from 1998 to 2005, and later a standalone game titled the BCS National Championship Game (2006 to present). The winner of the BCS Championship Game is awarded the national championship of the Coaches' Poll thus winning the AFCA National Championship Trophy. The BCS winner also receives the MacArthur Trophy from the National Football Foundati on. Neither the AP Poll, nor other current selectors, have contractual obligations to select the BCS champion as their national champion.[11][12] The BCS has resulted in a number of controversies, most notably those that followed the 2003 season. [edit] National championships in the official NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision Records The NCAA maintains an official records book of historical statistics and records for football. In the records book, with consultation from various college football historians, it has created and maintains a list of "major selectors" of national championships throughout the history of college football along with their championship picks for each season.[8] [edit] Major selectors A variety of selectors have named national champions throughout the years. They generally can be divided into three categories: those determined by mathematical formula, human polls, and historical research. The selectors below are listed in the official NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision Records as having been deemed to be "major selectors" for which the criteria is that the poll or selector be "national in scope either through distribution in newspaper, television, radio and/or computer online".[6] The former selectors, deemed instrumental in the sport of college football, and selectors presently included for the calculation of the BCS standing, are listed together.[13]Index= 25 Title=Buy eyeglasses direct [] Buy eyeglasses direct Sponsored ResultsZenni Optical® Eyeglasses Shop 5600+ Styles Starting At $6.95 Top Quality Rx Lenses, Order Now! www.zennioptical.com Buy Eyeware Direct Online No Site can Beat Our Offer. 70% Off Retail Prices , Buy Now! www.GlassesUSA.com 75% Off EyeGlasses Online Top Quality Rx Eyeglasses from $19. 100% Satisfaction. 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This usually ensures a comfortable fit and reduces the possibility of feedback.[4] Earmolds are made from a variety of hard (firm) and soft (pliable) materials. The color of the case and earmold of a BTE aid can be modified and optional decorations can be added.[citation needed] [edit] In the ear aids (ITE) These devices fit in the outer ear bowl (called the concha); they are sometimes visible when standing face to face with someone. ITE hearing aids are custom made to fit each individual's ear. They can be used in mild to some severe hearing losses. Feedback, a squealing/whistling caused by sound (particularly high frequency sound) leaking and being amplified again, may be a problem for severe hearing losses.[citation needed] Some modern circuits are able to provide feedback regulation or cancellation to assist with this. Venting may also cause feedback. A vent is a tube primarily placed to offer pressure equalization. However, different vent styles and sizes can be used to influence and prevent feedback.[6] Traditionally, ITEs have not been recommended for young children because their fit could not be as easily modified as the earmold for a BTE, and thus the aid had to be replaced frequently as the child grew.[citation needed] However, there are new ITEs made from a silicone type material that mitigates the ne ed for costly replacements. ITE hearing aids can be connected wirelessly to FM systems, for instance with a body-worn FM receiver with induction neck-loop which transmits the audio signal from the FM transmitter inductively to the telecoil inside the hearing instrument. ITC aids are smaller, filling only the bottom half of the external ear. The aid cannot be seen when face to face with the wearer. MIC and CIC aids are generally not visible unless the viewer looks directly into the wearer's ear.[7][8] These aids are intended for mild to moderately-severe losses. CICs are usually not recommended for people with good low frequency hearing, as the occlusion effect is much more noticeable.[9] In-the-ear hearing aids are typically more expensive than behind-the-ear counterparts of equal functionality, because they are custom fitted to the patient's ear. In fitting, an audiologist takes a physical impression (mold) of the ear. The mold is scanned by a specialized CAD system, resulting in a 3D model of the outer ear. During modeling, the venting tube is inserted. The digitally modeled shell is printed using a rapid prototyping technique such as stereolithography. Finally, the aid is assembled and shipped to the audiologist after a quality check.[10] [edit] Invisible in canal hearing aids (IIC) This type of hearing aid fitting is not visible when worn. This is because it fits deeper in the canal than other types, so that it is out of view even when looking directly into the ear bowl (concha). A comfortable fit is achieved because the shell of the aid is custom-made to the individual ear canal after taking a mould. Invisible hearing aid types use venting and their deep placement in the ear canal to give a more natural experience of hearing. Unlike other hearing aid types, with the IIC aid the majority of the ear is not blocked (occluded) by a large plastic shell. This means that sound can be collected more naturally by the shape of the ear, and can travel down into the ear canal as it would with unassisted hearing. Some models allow the wearer to use a mobile phone as a remote control to alter memory and volume settings, instead of taking the IIC out to do this. IIC types are most suitable for users up to middle age, but are not suitable for more elderly people. [edit] Extended wear hearing aids Main article: Extended wear hearing aid Extended wear hearing aids are hearing devices that are non-surgically placed in the ear canal by a hearing professional. The extended wear hearing aid represents the first "invisible" hearing device. These devices are worn for 1–3 months at a time without removal. They are made of soft material designed to contour to each user and can be used by people with mild to moderately severe hearing loss. Their close proximity to the ear drum results in improved sound directionality and localization, reduced feedback, and improved high frequency gain.[citation needed] While traditional BTE or ITC hearing aids require daily insertion and removal, extended wear hearing aids are worn continuously and then replaced with a new device. Users can change volume and settings without the aid of a hearing professional. The devices are very useful for active individuals because their design protects against moisture and earwax and can be worn while exercising, showering, etc. Because the device’s placement within the ear canal makes them invisible to observers, extended wear hearing aids are popular with those who are self-conscious about the aesthetics of BTE or ITC hearing aid models. As with other hearing devices, compatibility is based on an individual’s hearing loss, ear size and shape, medical conditions, and lifestyle. The disadvantages include regular removal and reinsertion of the device when the battery dies, inability to go underwater, earplugs when showering, and for some discomfort with the fit since it is inserted deeply in the ear canal, the only part of the body where skin rests directly on top of bone. NIH illustration of different hearing aid types. [edit] Body worn aids This was the first type of hearing aid invented by Harvey Fletcher while working at Bell Laboratories.[3] Body aids consist of a case and an earmold, attached by a wire. The case contains the electronic amplifier components, controls and battery while the earmold typically contains a miniature loudspeaker. The case is typically about the size of a pack of playing cards and is carried in a pocket or on a belt.[4] Without the size constraints of smaller hearing devices body worn aid designs can provide large amplification and long battery life at a lower cost. Body aids are still marketed in emerging markets because of their lower cost.[4] [edit] Behind the ear aids (BTE) A pair of BTE hearing aids BTE aids consist of a case, an earmold or dome and a connection between them. The case contains the electronics, controls, battery, microphone(s) and often the loudspeaker. Generally, the case sits behind the pinna with the connection from the case coming down the front into the ear. The sound from the instrument can be routed acoustically or electrically to the ear. If the sound is routed electrically, the speaker (receiver) is located in the earmold or an open-fit dome, while acoustically coupled instruments use a plastic tube to deliver the sound from the case’s loudspeaker to the earmold.[5] BTEs can be used for mild to profound hearing loss. As the electrical components are located outside the ear, the chance of moisture and earwax damaging the components is reduced, which can increase the durability of the instrument. BTEs are also easily connected to assistive listening devices, such as FM systems, to directly integrate sound sources with the instrument. BTE aids are commonly worn by children who need a durable type of hearing aid.[4] [edit] Receiver in the Canal/Ear (CRT/RIC/RITE) BTE hearing instruments that place the loudspeaker directly in the ear without a fitted earmold are often referred to as “Receiver in the Canal” instruments. These instruments use soft ear inserts, typically of silicone, to position the loudspeaker in the patient’s ear. Some of the advantages with this approach include improved sound quality, reduced case size, “open-fit” technology, and immediate patient fitting.[citation needed] Digital Hearing Aid Comparison - Hearing Aids Information and ... Digital Hearing Aid Comparison. Information on Hearing Aids including Digital Hearing Aid Comparison, Digital Hearing Aids pus Digital Hearing Aid Reviews www.hearingaids101.com/digital-hearing-aid-comparison.aspx - Cached Hearing Aids Comparison - Consumer Reports Health Use this hearing aids comparison chart to determine which hearing aid is best for you from Consumer Reports Health. www.consumerreports.org/.../hearing-aids-which-type.htm - Cached More results from consumerreports.org » Compare Hearing Aid Brands | HearingPlanet Compare top Hearing Aid brands, like Phonak, Unitron, and Siemens on HearingPlanet. www.hearingplanet.com/hearing-aids - Cached hearing aid comparison, oticon, phonak, siemens, rexton ... D.i.Y. Hearing Aids sells digital hearing aids for as much as 70% less than hearing aid dealer retail prices. 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