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Index= 27 Title=hearing aid comparison There are many types of hearing aids (also known as hearing instruments), which vary in size, power and circuitry. Among the different sizes and models are: Earmolds An earmold is created from an impression taken of the individual's outer ear. This usually ensures a comfortable fit and reduces the possibility of feedback.[4] Earmolds are made from a variety of hard (firm) and soft (pliable) materials. The color of the case and earmold of a BTE aid can be modified and optional decorations can be added.[citation needed] [edit] In the ear aids (ITE) These devices fit in the outer ear bowl (called the concha); they are sometimes visible when standing face to face with someone. ITE hearing aids are custom made to fit each individual's ear. They can be used in mild to some severe hearing losses. Feedback, a squealing/whistling caused by sound (particularly high frequency sound) leaking and being amplified again, may be a problem for severe hearing losses.[citation needed] Some modern circuits are able to provide feedback regulation or cancellation to assist with this. Venting may also cause feedback. A vent is a tube primarily placed to offer pressure equalization. However, different vent styles and sizes can be used to influence and prevent feedback.[6] Traditionally, ITEs have not been recommended for young children because their fit could not be as easily modified as the earmold for a BTE, and thus the aid had to be replaced frequently as the child grew.[citation needed] However, there are new ITEs made from a silicone type material that mitigates the ne ed for costly replacements. ITE hearing aids can be connected wirelessly to FM systems, for instance with a body-worn FM receiver with induction neck-loop which transmits the audio signal from the FM transmitter inductively to the telecoil inside the hearing instrument. ITC aids are smaller, filling only the bottom half of the external ear. The aid cannot be seen when face to face with the wearer. MIC and CIC aids are generally not visible unless the viewer looks directly into the wearer's ear.[7][8] These aids are intended for mild to moderately-severe losses. CICs are usually not recommended for people with good low frequency hearing, as the occlusion effect is much more noticeable.[9] In-the-ear hearing aids are typically more expensive than behind-the-ear counterparts of equal functionality, because they are custom fitted to the patient's ear. In fitting, an audiologist takes a physical impression (mold) of the ear. The mold is scanned by a specialized CAD system, resulting in a 3D model of the outer ear. During modeling, the venting tube is inserted. The digitally modeled shell is printed using a rapid prototyping technique such as stereolithography. Finally, the aid is assembled and shipped to the audiologist after a quality check.[10] [edit] Invisible in canal hearing aids (IIC) This type of hearing aid fitting is not visible when worn. This is because it fits deeper in the canal than other types, so that it is out of view even when looking directly into the ear bowl (concha). A comfortable fit is achieved because the shell of the aid is custom-made to the individual ear canal after taking a mould. Invisible hearing aid types use venting and their deep placement in the ear canal to give a more natural experience of hearing. Unlike other hearing aid types, with the IIC aid the majority of the ear is not blocked (occluded) by a large plastic shell. This means that sound can be collected more naturally by the shape of the ear, and can travel down into the ear canal as it would with unassisted hearing. Some models allow the wearer to use a mobile phone as a remote control to alter memory and volume settings, instead of taking the IIC out to do this. IIC types are most suitable for users up to middle age, but are not suitable for more elderly people. [edit] Extended wear hearing aids Main article: Extended wear hearing aid Extended wear hearing aids are hearing devices that are non-surgically placed in the ear canal by a hearing professional. The extended wear hearing aid represents the first "invisible" hearing device. These devices are worn for 1–3 months at a time without removal. They are made of soft material designed to contour to each user and can be used by people with mild to moderately severe hearing loss. Their close proximity to the ear drum results in improved sound directionality and localization, reduced feedback, and improved high frequency gain.[citation needed] While traditional BTE or ITC hearing aids require daily insertion and removal, extended wear hearing aids are worn continuously and then replaced with a new device. Users can change volume and settings without the aid of a hearing professional. The devices are very useful for active individuals because their design protects against moisture and earwax and can be worn while exercising, showering, etc. Because the device’s placement within the ear canal makes them invisible to observers, extended wear hearing aids are popular with those who are self-conscious about the aesthetics of BTE or ITC hearing aid models. As with other hearing devices, compatibility is based on an individual’s hearing loss, ear size and shape, medical conditions, and lifestyle. The disadvantages include regular removal and reinsertion of the device when the battery dies, inability to go underwater, earplugs when showering, and for some discomfort with the fit since it is inserted deeply in the ear canal, the only part of the body where skin rests directly on top of bone. NIH illustration of different hearing aid types. [edit] Body worn aids This was the first type of hearing aid invented by Harvey Fletcher while working at Bell Laboratories.[3] Body aids consist of a case and an earmold, attached by a wire. The case contains the electronic amplifier components, controls and battery while the earmold typically contains a miniature loudspeaker. The case is typically about the size of a pack of playing cards and is carried in a pocket or on a belt.[4] Without the size constraints of smaller hearing devices body worn aid designs can provide large amplification and long battery life at a lower cost. Body aids are still marketed in emerging markets because of their lower cost.[4] [edit] Behind the ear aids (BTE) A pair of BTE hearing aids BTE aids consist of a case, an earmold or dome and a connection between them. The case contains the electronics, controls, battery, microphone(s) and often the loudspeaker. Generally, the case sits behind the pinna with the connection from the case coming down the front into the ear. The sound from the instrument can be routed acoustically or electrically to the ear. If the sound is routed electrically, the speaker (receiver) is located in the earmold or an open-fit dome, while acoustically coupled instruments use a plastic tube to deliver the sound from the case’s loudspeaker to the earmold.[5] BTEs can be used for mild to profound hearing loss. As the electrical components are located outside the ear, the chance of moisture and earwax damaging the components is reduced, which can increase the durability of the instrument. BTEs are also easily connected to assistive listening devices, such as FM systems, to directly integrate sound sources with the instrument. BTE aids are commonly worn by children who need a durable type of hearing aid.[4] [edit] Receiver in the Canal/Ear (CRT/RIC/RITE) BTE hearing instruments that place the loudspeaker directly in the ear without a fitted earmold are often referred to as “Receiver in the Canal” instruments. These instruments use soft ear inserts, typically of silicone, to position the loudspeaker in the patient’s ear. Some of the advantages with this approach include improved sound quality, reduced case size, “open-fit” technology, and immediate patient fitting.[citation needed] Digital Hearing Aid Comparison - Hearing Aids Information and ... Digital Hearing Aid Comparison. Information on Hearing Aids including Digital Hearing Aid Comparison, Digital Hearing Aids pus Digital Hearing Aid Reviews www.hearingaids101.com/digital-hearing-aid-comparison.aspx - Cached Hearing Aids Comparison - Consumer Reports Health Use this hearing aids comparison chart to determine which hearing aid is best for you from Consumer Reports Health. www.consumerreports.org/.../hearing-aids-which-type.htm - Cached More results from consumerreports.org » Compare Hearing Aid Brands | HearingPlanet Compare top Hearing Aid brands, like Phonak, Unitron, and Siemens on HearingPlanet. www.hearingplanet.com/hearing-aids - Cached hearing aid comparison, oticon, phonak, siemens, rexton ... D.i.Y. Hearing Aids sells digital hearing aids for as much as 70% less than hearing aid dealer retail prices. See our hearing aid comparisons for Phonak, Siemens ... www.diyhearingaids.com/hearing-aid-comparison - Cached Hearing Aid Comparisons: Get The Right Features For You Before you purchase hearing aids, compare the the various features available before deciding on what you need. www.healthyhearing.com/content/articles/Buying/... - Cached Hearing aid comparisons. Behind the ear vs. in ear Compare hearing aids using our simple hearing aid comparison guide behind the ear. www.mdhearingaid.com/compare - Cached Digital Hearing Aid Comparison Chart - Aidright Hearing Aids Hearing Aids - AidRight, provider of hearing aids and audiologist owned and operated. www.aidright.com/hearing-aids.html - Cached Comparison of Hearing Aids, Compare Hearing Aid Information on comparisons of hearing aids for individuals who are experiencing hearing loss, looking for hearing health information for their loved ones, or just ... www.healthyhearing.com/content/Buying/Comparisons - Cached Index= 27 Title=mcdonald, and Dunkin Dounts, Nutrition [] Nutrition Facts and Information The Humane Research Council provides in-depth research and information about nutrition, diet, and vegetarianism/veganism through our research website, HumaneSpot.org. See below for the latest research, access to free resources, and more information about HRC. State of School Nutrition According to results from the School Nutrition Association’s comprehensive "School Nutrition Operations Report: The State of School Nutrition 2009," healthy options are becoming increasingly common in lunch programs around the country. Specifically, availability of vegetarian menu items increased by 12.4% since 2007. CONTINUE READING What's for Dinner 2011: Trends in Center of Plate Proteins Due to continued economic woes, Americans are still eating in the home, thereby contributing to increased retail sales of meat, poultry and seafood; in particular less expensive cuts of meat are on the rise. Nationwide Study Finds U.S. Meat and Poultry is Widely Contaminated The analysis of 136 samples of beef, chicken, turkey and pork from 26 grocery stores within five major U.S. cities found that nearly half were contaminated with Staph, and more than half of these bacteria were resistant to at least three classes of antibiotics. There’s been a lot of talk in the news lately about vegetarians going back to eating meat. I’ve also had a few clients and colleagues ask about research on the impact of “humane meat” alternatives on people choosing In August 2007, Dunkin' Donuts announced plans to greatly reduce trans fats from its menu items by switching to a blend of palm, soybean, and cottonseed oils.[17] In addition to 400 U.S. stores that took part in a four-month blind test, the low trans fat menu is available nationwide since October 18, 2007. International locations are expected to begin using the new oil within the next few years.[18] Dunkin' Donuts advertising memes have become popular culture references[which?], especially in their home region of the northeastern United States. As well as being featured in many films, the company has a close relationship with major sports teams, such as the Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots, and makes new commercials at the start of each team's season for promotions. Dunkin’ Donuts also sponsors many other professional sports teams, including the Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, New York Mets, Tampa Bay Rays and others. Dunkin' Donuts's slogan is "America Runs On Dunkin'," despite the fact that most of its stores are concentrated on the east coast, with only two west-coast locations-- (Portland, Oregon), and a new location (as of May 2012) on the Marine Corps base at Camp Pendleton, with slightly limited public accessibility .[19][20] In March 2009, the company unveiled an alternate slogan, "You 'Kin Do It!", and launched a $100+ million ad campaign to promote it.[21] The campaign, slated to run through 2009, includes radio, print and outdoor advertising, in addition to in-store point-of-purchase, special events, and sports marketing.[22] Online marketing, often leveraging the Boston Red Sox and other New England icons, is also a significant campaign component.[ Dunkin' Donuts' "It's Worth the Trip" campaign, starring sleepy-eyed "Fred the Baker" and featuring the catchphrase "Time to make the donuts", won honors from the Television Bureau of Advertising as one of the five best commercials of the 1980s. Fred the Baker was played by actor Michael Vale for over 15 years until his retirement in 1997. Since Dunkin' Donuts changed their slogan in 2006 to "America Runs on Dunkin'," They Might Be Giants songs have been featured in an ongoing series of advertisements of Dunkin' Donuts new products to boost summer sales. In 2007, a series of Dunkin' Donuts commercials referred to the fictional language Fritalian (sometimes incorrectly spelled Fretalian) which would be a portmanteau of French and Italian: "Is it French? Or is it Italian?" sings a chorus of customers in an unnamed coffee shop with a long menu of non-English terms. "Perhaps Fritalian?" created by Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos with the express intent to "poke fun at pretentious Starbucks-style coffee chains, with patrons attempting to order hard-to-pronounce lattes."[24][25] The whole commercial was interpreted as a deliberate mocking of Starbucks.[25][26] The commercials' punchline, "Delicious lattes from Dunkin' Donuts. You order them in English," has been a point of discussion with respect to the fact that lattes, cappuccinos, and espr esso are borrowed words from Italian which have no equivalency in English; the commercials, however, refer to the Starbucks ordering language itself, poking fun at words such as grande and venti."[25] Further commercials in 2007 more directly mocked Starbucks, with a customer ordering a "Large" and being chastised to use the term "Dieci;" with dieci being Italian for the number 10 while Starbucks' venti is Italian for the number 20. In 2007, John Goodman began doing voice over work for Dunkin' Donuts commercials.[27] Rachael Ray has starred in commercials for Dunkin Donuts since 2007. In May 2008, Dunkin Donuts removed a commercial from their website featuring Ray wearing a scarf with a black and white paisley floral design, in response to right-wing blogger / columnist Michelle Malkin's claims that the scarf resembled the keffiyeh worn by Yasser Arafat and therefore a sign of support for terrorists.[28] Dunkin Donuts pulled that commercial off the air,[29] leading to more criticism of the company's perceived kowtowing to special interests.[30] Since 2005, Joey De Leon started endorsing Dunkin' Donuts Philippines starring in funny commercials. In January 2009, Dunkin' Donuts launched its "You Kin' Do It" campaign.[31] A radio advertisement in 2010 featured fictional lawyer Bob "The Bulldozer" Phillips in a direct parody of real-life lawyer Jim "The Hammer" Shapiro. In early 2007, Dunkin' Donuts b Score! that featured tear-off game pieces on their coffee cups. In 2008, as a response to Starbucks closing their stores for three hours on February 26, Dunkin' Donuts locations offered a 99 cent latte, cappuccino, and espresso promotion from 1–10 pm.[33] In 2009 and 2010, there was a campaign for people to "Create Dunkin's Next Donut". In 2009, Jeff Hager of Hoover, Alabama was selected for his glazed sour cream cake donut, topped with chopped Heath Bar, titled "Toffee For Your Coffee". The 2010 winner was Rachel Davis of Sharon, Massachusetts, selected for “Monkey See Monkey Donut,” a bananas foster-filled donut with chocolate icing, topped with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups shavings. Both won a check for $12,000 and their donuts were available in Dunkin’ Donuts locations for a limited time.[34] In 2010, Dunkin' Donuts launched a campaign called "Caught Cold" starring NBA All-Star spokesman Ray Allen, which awarded game tickets to Boston Celtics fans caught drinking Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee.[35] In April 2011, Dunkin' Donuts launched a new donut and special cake in honor of the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton in England on April 29, 2011.[36] In July 2012, Dunkin' Donuts produced a new donut and a new Coolatta to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of the Oreo cookie. They have added an oreo cream filled donut and a vanilla and coffee coolata with Oreo in it as part of the promotion.[37] Website In April 2011, Dunkin' Donuts added a feature to their website which allows travelers to find Dunkin' Donuts stores along the routes of their road trips.[38] Sponsorship Only at Dunkin' Donuts (1950 – March 31, 1991) The Place for Donuts and Coffee (1950–1964, secondary) America's Favorite Donut and Coffee Shoppe (1964–1967, secondary) America's Favorite Donut Shoppe (1967–1968, secondary) America's Donut Shoppe (1968–1973, secondary) America's Dunkin' (1973–1976, secondary) Always Dunkin' (1976–1979, secondary) It's Worth the Trip (1979–1990, secondary) (1997–1999, primary) You Can't Get Better Tasting Coffee (date uncertain) You're Dunkin' (1980–1993, secondary) You're Still Dunkin' (1993–1997, secondary) Loosen Up a Little (2000) Just the Thing (2000s) America Runs on Dunkin' (since 2007) In May 2010, Dunkin' Donuts corporate was criticized for advertising "Free Iced Coffee Day" on its national Facebook page, which only took place in 13 cities.[43] Because of the limited scope of the promotion, many customers became dissatisfied with the lack of free iced coffee and vented their anger on the Dunkin' Donuts Facebook page.[44] McDonalds Coupons, Printable McDonalds Coupons, Monopoly Codes Get FREE McDonalds coupon codes, promotion codes and printable coupons! Find and share mcdonalds.com coupons at DealsPlus. dealspl.us/mcdonalds-coupons - Cached More results from dealspl.us » Promotions :: McDonalds.com Discover what’s cooking at McDonald’s - the latest promotions, menu items, new ad campaigns, Happy Meal toys and more. www.mcdonalds.com/us/en/promotions.html - Cached Real Fruit Smoothies from McCafé® :: McDonalds.com There's a cool new mix coming your way. It blends sweet and smooth. Creamy and cool. It'll send your senses soaring. Are you ready? You're about to experience fruit ... www.mcdonalds.com/us/en/promotions/Smoothies.html - Cached Index= 27 Title=wendys coupons online, Printable Wendys Coupons Here. Free Coupons to Use Instantly! [] Wendy's (known as Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers before late 2012) is an international fast food chain restaurant founded by Dave Thomas on November 15, 1969, in Columbus, Ohio, United States. The company decided to move its headquarters to Dublin, Ohio, on January 29, 2006. It has been owned by Triarc (now called Wendy's Company) since 2008. As of March 2010, Wendy's was the world's third largest hamburger fast food chain with approximately 6,650 locations, following McDonald's 31,000+ locations and Burger King's 12,000+ locations.[2][3][4] In 2011, Wendy's sales exceeded those of Burger King for the first time in the company's history. With sales of $8.5 billion (USD), the company ranked number two in hamburger chains, although Burger King still has far more restaurants.[5] Approximately 77% of Wendy's restaurants are franchised, the majority of which are located in North America. Wendy's and its affiliates employ more than 46,000 people in its global operations. In fiscal year 2006, the firm had $2.469 billion (USD) in total sales.[6] While Wendy's sets standards for exterior store appearance, food quality, and menu, individual owners have control over hours of operations, interior decor, pricing, staff uniforms, and wages. 1 Ridiculously Huge Coupon A Day. Save 50-90% On Your City's Best! www.Groupon.com Free Wendys Coupons Printable Wendys Coupons Here. Free Coupons to Use Instantly! wendys.dealslocalized.com Search resultsWendy's Coupons - Free Online Coupons, Deals, Coupon Codes ... Get free Wendy's coupons, deals, and promo codes for your online orders at Wendy's and hundreds of other online stores. www.savings.com/m-Wendys-coupons.html - Cached Wendy's Coupons - Find Wendy's Coupons here Looking for Wendy's Coupons ? If you're planning on eating at Wendy's here you will find coupons. Get Wendy's Coupons here. www.wendyscoupons.org - Cached Wendys Coupons, Free Wendys Coupons, Online Wendys Coupons ... Click here for Wendys restaurant coupons. You’ll find the most recent Wendys coupons at 1FastFoodCoupon.com without doubt! We’re here to fulfill your every desire ... 1fastfoodcoupon.com/Wendys-Coupons.html - Cached Wendys Coupon Codes, Wendy's Printable Coupons for wendys.com ... Get FREE Wendys coupon codes, printable coupons and discount codes! Find and share wendys.com coupons at dealspl.us. dealspl.us/coupons/wendys - Cached More results from dealspl.us » Printable Coupons: Wendy's Coupons Printable Coupons: Wendy's Coupons - Print Coupons and Save ! Enjoy free printable grocery coupons,betty crocker food coupons, printable restaurant coupons,huggies ... printable-coupons.blogspot.com/2008/08/wendys-coupons.html - Cached Wendys Coupon Codes - all coupons, discounts and promo codes ... Average discount of $1 with these Wendys coupon codes and promo codes. www.retailmenot.com/view/wendys.com More results from retailmenot.com » Wendy’s Coupons Online Wendy’s Coupons Online. The first Wendy’s fast food was born in 1969 on the 15Th of November in Columbus, Ohio from the dreams of Dave Thomas. www.wendyscoupons.org/wendys-coupons-online - Cached Wendy's Coupons, Wendy's Coupons Printable Wendy's Coupons will save you money when you are hungry for a good old fashioned hamburger. FREE Wendy's coupons printable and coupon codes. www.phoenixtools.com/coupons/wendys-coupons.php - Cached Wendy's printable coupons - all discounts, deals & wendys.com ... Your one-stop for all the best Wendy's coupons, printable coupons, online coupon codes, special offers, and discounts $1.00 OFF Large Salad or Combo Meal www.8coupons.com/wendys-coupons - Cached Wendys Coupons, Free Wendys Coupons or codes, Online Wendys ... Welcome to the best place on the web for printable Wendys coupons. 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Shop Meijer Now and Save. meijer.com coupons online (Print) Free Printable Coupons - Save Money PrintableCouponHub.com Free Breakfast Coupon Looking for Printable Coupons? $1 Off Emerald Breakfast on the go. www.emeraldbreakfastonthego.com coupons online 100's of Brands (Free) Printable Coupons coupons online InstantCouponsHere.com Chuck E. Cheese's Coupons Eat, Play, Win at Chuck E Cheese's Family Fun Deals Starting at $20! www.ChuckECheese.com More Sponsors:wendys coupons online North America 1969–present: Quality Is Our Recipe (this slogan remained on Wendy's logos before the third and current one launched on October 11, 2012, but is still their slogan.) 1978–1979: Juicy hamburgers 1979–1980: Hot-N-Juicy 1980–1981: Wendy's Has the Taste You Crave 1981–1982: Ain't No Reason to Go Anyplace Else 1982-1982: "Even late, your mates can ate great shakes" 1982–1985: You're Wendy's Kind of People 1983–1984: Parts is parts[6] 1984–1986, October 2011 – present: Where's the beef?[6] 1985–1988: Choose Fresh, choose Wendy's[23] (Originally used alongside "Where's the Beef?") 1987–1993: Give a little nibble was to be a catchy phrase that would capture the attention of consumers and help make Wendy's major player on the fast-food scene once again. This television commercial was a flop and sent Wendy's hunting for a new advertising agency.[24] After a poorly received seven-week run, Wendy's pulled the television commercials[25] created by Dick Rich Inc.[26][27] The "nibble" spots were meant to emphasize Wendy's better-tasting hamburger. They showed customers ripping off chunks of meat from an absurdly large hamburger. 1988–1992: The best burgers in the business. 1989–1998: The best burgers and a whole lot more (also was printed inside the hamburger wrappers during the 1990s) 1996–1998: The Best Burgers Yet!! 1997–present: You can eat great, even late 1999–2005: It's hamburger bliss. (+ "We Don't Cut Corners" (at least a slogan in Canada around the same time) It's better H Juicy Burgers January 2008 – October 2009: It's way better than fast food... It's Wendy's. (US) January 2008 – October 2009: It's way delicious. It's Wendy's. (Canada) January 2008 – October 2009: Carrément bon. C'est Wendy's. (EN: "Squarely good. It's Wendy's.") (Quebec, Canada) January 2008 – October 2009: Eat way better, way later October 2009 – April 2012: You know when it's real. October 2009 – April 2012: Eat great, real late. April 2012 – present: That's Wendy's Way. (ad series featuring Wendy Thomas reinforcing Dave's values) [29] April 2012 – present: Now that's better. [29] April 2012 – present: Better later. 2009–present: "Wendy's, Sabor al cuadrado" (Mexico) After successful early growth of the chain, sales flattened as the company struggled to achieve brand differentiation in the highly competitive fast-food market. This situation would turn around in the mid-1980s. Starting on January 9, 1984, elderly actress Clara Peller was featured in the successful "Where's the Beef?" North American commercial campaign written by Cliff Freeman. Her famous line quickly entered the American pop culture (it was even used by Walter Mondale in a debate with Gary Hart in the Democratic primary election) and served to promote Wendy's hamburgers. Peller, age 84, was dropped from the campaign in 1985 because she performed in a commercial for Prego spaghetti sauce, saying she "finally found" the beef.[20] Peller was soon after replaced by a much less successful "give a little nibble" campaign, which was in turn replaced by Wendy's founder Dave Thomas himself. Soft-spoken and bashful, the "Dave" ads generally focused on Thomas praising his products and offering a commitment to quality service, although there would occasionally be "wackier" ads as well. In 1997, the company pulled its advertising from the sitcom Ellen after the show's main character came out as a lesbian. Members of the gay community responded with a boycott.[21] Wendy's marketing arm engages in product placement in films and television and is sometimes seen on ABC's reality show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, serving food to the more than 100 construction workers. A recent Wendy's commercial features the tune from the Violent Femmes song "Blister in the Sun." With their recent "that's right" ad campaign not a success, Wendy's unveiled a new ad campaign, featuring an animated Wendy that's voiced by Luci Christian highlighting certain menu items. The new ad campaign made its debut in late January 2008, with a new slogan: "It's waaaay better than fast food. It's Wendy's."[22] The company's most recent slogan, "you know when it's real", was introduced in 2009. One of the chain's newest TV ad campaigns, launched in 2011 alongside the introduction of the new "Dave's Hot 'N Juicy" hamburgers, features the chain's namesake Wendy Thomas in some commercials. Since April 2012, Wendy's main ad campaign features Morgan Smith Goodwin as Red, as introduced with Wendy's new slogan, "Now that's better". Wendy's is the official sponsor of ESPN Football Friday every Friday during football season, getting fans ready with shows throughout the day previewing the upcoming college and NFL games. Also, Wendy's is the sponsor of the NBC Sunday Night Football Postgame show.