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Developed in 2001 as a job database initially catering to lawyers, today EmploymentCrossing provides job listings in every industry and profession. Featured tice in the INC 500 list, Employment crossing now has offices all over the world. Index= 51 Title=K-POP [] Africa, India, and the Middle East In Turkey, Korean culture is catching on quickly and Internet-savvy generation of Turks are using their computers and phones to explore cultures around the world, rather than simply accepting what is spoon-fed to them, and a large chunk of the pre-teen demographic is flocking to South Korean culture. Turkish boys and girls are watching Korean movies and television online, downloading K-pop songs, and even starting Korean culture clubs.[69] The boyband ZE:A appeared for a meet and greet session for fans in Dubai[70] and a concert in Abu Dhabi.[71] In Israel, local K-pop fans met South Korea's Ambassador to Israel Ma Young-sam in July 2011. Israeli fans traveled to Paris for the SMTown Live '10 World Tour in Europe.[72] In Cairo, hundreds of K-pop fans came to Maadi Library’s stage theater to see the final round of the K-POP Korean Song Festival, organized by the Korean Embassy. Fans drew banners in Korean and many were screaming along to the Korean songs.[73] Oceania Concerts in Australia include the 2011 K-Pop Music Festival, at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney,[74] featuring TVXQ, B2ST, SHINee, 4minute, miss A, 2AM, and MBLAQ. The South Korean Embassy will be backing New Zealand's first national K-pop competition, to take place this year.[75] The song 'Gangnam Style' by Psy reached number one in both Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain. Corruption Fan obsession Appeal and fanbase Fan rice towers from Super Junior fans, in Germany as a gift to Eunhyuk According to some opinions, the music itself is not the decisive factor in the popularity of K-pop. A publication in New York Magazine calls K-pop "catchy but derivative" and states that Girls' Generation fans admit to liking the group for its members' looks and their personality, radiating what the magazine calls "humility" and friendliness to each and one of the fans. A fan stated to the magazine that when Girls' Generation performs on stage, you get the illusion of the girls sometimes looking right at you and interacting with you personally.[76] Many K-pop fans travel overseas to get the chance to see Korean bands. Tours from Japan and China bring many fans to see K-pop concerts.[26] A K-pop group tour from Japan had more than 7000 fans fly to Seoul to meet the boyband JYJ.[77] During the Korean boy band JYJ's concert in Barcelona, fans from many parts of the world camped overnight to gain entrance.[78] K-pop fans purchase bags of Fan rice as gifts to their favourite bands in order to show their love and support. According to Time Magazine, for BIGBANG's first show in months, 12.7 tons of rice were donated from 50 fan clubs around the world and stacks of rice bags were lined up like shrines to the "K-pop idols". There are businesses dedicated to making sure the rice gets to the idols. Roh Seung-gu got into this industry when fans just bought bouquet towers for the bands. Now he has 24 offices around the country helping source and ship rice from South Korean farmers to various venues.[79] Another way for a fan to show devotion is sending lunch to the stars, and there are special lunch providers in South Korea for this purpose. The trend started when fans picked up complaints that the stars do not eat properly due to their busy schedule.[80] K-Pop was also mentioned during a U.S. State Department briefing on October 3, 2012, when a reporter asked spokeswoman Victoria Nuland if she had heard about Gangnam Style, to which Nuland replied: "No, but I bet you my daughter does. She loves Korean pop."[81 There is a recognized concern of K-pop fans turning to obsession and compulsive behaviors such as stalking and invasion of privacy. These fans are called sasaeng, or "private" fans. These fans are most notable young females.[83] Some sasaeng fans hire taxis to follow their idols. There are taxi services catering specifically for these fans that are willing to speed after the vans transporting idols." Korean public officials recognize this as a unique but serious concern.[83][84] Junsu from JYJ told reporters that obsessive fans have even installed GPS trackers under his car to monitor his every move During a press conference, the boy band JYJ confirmed they were victims of invasion of privacy and stalking. There were instances of breaking and entering where fans would take pictures of and steal items in members' households.[85] The members of JYJ have been harassed by sasaeng fans since the band's formation in 2009.[86] Some sasaeng fans have installed CCTV surveillance cameras near Park Yoochun’s home.[87] In another incident, the Korean Broadcasting System reports TVXQ member Yunho drank a beverage containing super glue[88] from an strange woman and received medical attention.[89] The anti-fan turned herself in the next day.[90][91] In 2002, Time reported that television producers were arrested for "accepting under-the-table payments guaranteeing TV appearances to aspiring singers and musicians. According to Seoul District Prosecutor Kim Kyu Hun, the arrests of Hwang Yong Woo and Kim Jong Jin were just the first in a wide-ranging investigation into systemic corruption in South Korea's music business" Companies investigated included SidusHQ, SM Entertainment and others.[6] K-pop companies are also criticized for taking advantage of their "idols" through overworking and restrictive contracts. In July 2009, SM Entertainment was taken to court by TVXQ and Super Junior members alleging that working conditions had caused adverse health effects and other problems. The Seoul Central BANDAR SUNWAY, MALAYSIA – 15 July 2012: MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2012 at Surf Beach @ Sunway Lagoon smashed all attendance records as over 16,000 people flocked to see global superstar Justin Bieber, K-pop sensations Jay Park and Kara, and local singer-songwriter Mizz Nina perform live for fans, celebrities, dignitaries and V.I.Ps in attendance. Demand for passes to the free event was at its highest level ever as pop music took center state in a night of spectacular performances, breath-taking choreography and social media interaction that puts music fans center stage of the star-studded evening. Attendance at MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012 peaked over 16,000 with thousands of Beliebers, Jaywalkerz, Kamelias and Mizz Nina fans queuing up as early as 7:00am hoping to get a glimpse of their favorite stars or be among the first admitted into Sunway Lagoon. In the days leading up to the event, thousands of fans were tweeting, posting and sharing photos via Instagram, sending #worldstagemy in to overdrive with fans clamoring to see their comments and pictures broadcast across the giant screens that flanked the stage. As a countdown commenced to signify that the show was about to start, the decibel levels skyrocketed as worldwide superstar and #1 recording artist Justin Bieber opened the show by emerging from center stage and kicking off the night with his smash hit, “Baby.” Being Bieber’s only Southeast Asian stop, the screams could be heard from Subang to Kuala Lumpur as he enthralled fans with performances of “All Around the World” and “As Long As You Love Me,” followed by acoustic performances of “Die in Your Arms,” “Be Alright” and “One Time.” The tempo picked back up with “Never Say Never” and the set closed with “Boyfriend,” the first hit single off of Believe, Bieber’s newly released full-length album that catapulted to #1 in 30 countries across the world in its first week of release including Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. Park Gyu Ri, Han Seung Yeon, Goo Ha Ra, Nicole Jung and Kang Ji Young – better known as Korea’s mega girl-group, Kara -- were next to take the stage, marking their first-ever live Malaysian appearance. Their set kicked off with “Step” accompanied by ten dancers and set a high-energy tone that carried straight into performances of “Jumping,” “Lupin,” and “Honey,” and “Let It Go”. Kara finished up their set with their history and dance craze making hit “Mister,” the single that put Kara in the record books as the first non-Japanese female group to break the Top 10 in Japan’s Oricon charts in over 29 years. Many K-pop fans travel overseas to get the chance to see Korean bands. Tours from Japan and China bring many fans to see K-pop concerts.[26] A K-pop group tour from Japan had more than 7000 fans fly to Seoul to meet the boyband JYJ.[77] During the Korean boy band JYJ's concert in Barcelona, fans from many parts of the world camped overnight to gain entrance.[78] K-pop fans purchase bags of Fan rice as gifts to their favourite bands in order to show their love and support. According to Time Magazine, for BIGBANG's first show in months, 12.7 tons of rice were donated from 50 fan clubs around the world and stacks of rice bags were lined up like shrines to the "K-pop idols". There are businesses dedicated to making sure the rice gets to the idols. Roh Seung-gu got into this industry when fans just bought bouquet towers for the bands. 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